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Behavioral Health Group Practices EHR / Telemedicine

Behavioral health covers providing services for mental health and addiction both for patients, their families and friends. That is a huge task made even more difficult with documentation requirements, not enough time, and personal needs of psychiatrists and therapists for a life/work balance. Behavioral Health group practices can make life easier with the sharing of overhead costs of a business and the ability to have other psychiatrists or therapists more readily available to cover for you when situations or vacations occur.

So why in the world would you want to switch from whatever existing clincal/office management system you have in place to PatientClick? To answer that let's delve into how a group practice works and the various concerns of those with different functions.


Psychiatrists, NP, PA, those who treat and also prescribe medication - Would you agree that typically what is desired is a solution where it is easy to call up information, take encounter notes (on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or iPad), write prescriptions and proceed to the next patient on the schedule?

Psychologists, LCSW, etc., those who treat and provide therapy - Do you want want the above want, except without the prescriptions? Important to you are encounter notes, progress notes, treatment plans and tracking goals?

Administration, front desk, billers, and staff - They want to avoid errors and to be able to work quickly with few or no problems. Minimizing redundent paperwork and data entry. Easily figuring out how to do things without having a huge manual or calling for support.

COO, owners, partners, top administration - Do you want reports and ways to analyze how the group practice and how the individuals within are performing? Optimizing operations to provide excellent patient care with profitability.

So how do we, as a solution vendor help you? First we realize, as you do, that people in general are resistant to change. A way we help with that is by having a solution that can adapt some of your exisiting workflow, like forms, notes and reports. So some familiarity should make a transition process easier.

Next we look at how you operate. Are patients coming to you? Are you going out to facilities, like nursing homes, to see patients? Do you visit patients at their home? Do you have multiple locations? Depending on the patient and type of therapy a great deal of stress and expense, for both patients and therapists, can be eliminated by using video-based virtual visits (telemedicine). Studies have shown a greater level of patient care and satisfaction. Plus, you can expand your reach with  telemedicine which allows you to use your skills to help more people without wasting your time or their time with unnecessary travel.

And lastly, our customizable solution really is seamlessly integrated which eliminates so many problems and allows staff to be more efficient with processing "paperwork."

With the limited number of therapists your time is precious. Why not use a complete EHR / Practice Management solution that is easy-to-use and makes efficient and effective use of your, and your staff's time?

ALL-IN-ONE OR STANDALONE - PatientClick offers behavorial health therapists customized PatientClick® EHR (with templates) / Practice Management / eRx & Scheduling / Revenue Cycle Management / Telemedicine solutions that operate as a fully and seamlessly integrated, single solution or can be available separately. All solutions are available via a secure (HIPAA & HiTECH compliant), cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Our solutions are customizable to multiple specialties and practice workflows.

In our experience, therapists want an electronic health records solution that doesn't waste your time, and works the way you work ... adaptable to your work flow with SOAP notes, progress notes, intitial treatment plans and treatment plan updates (all with their specific requirements) and other forms and notes. Don't you agree? 

PatientClick® Behavioral Health Features for Psychiatrists/Psychologists/Therapists:

EASY-TO-USE, EASY-TO-ACCESS CUSTOMIZED SECURE WEB-BASED - PatientClick® EHR is built as a secure (HIPAA and HiTECH compliant) cloud-based solution that can be accessed via secure web-browser on any internet connected device. It is also built with a modular design so it can adapt to the needs of a variety of specialties and practice needs. Plus, it has seamless integration with Practice Management, eRx, medical billing, and Telemedicine.


PC Lite (For Staff) - You want, or have to, get information on a patient or need to see information on the practice. You have your smartphone or tablet (or iPad) with you but would rather have a way that is easier than using the web browser to access your PatientClick® EHR ... the answer is PC Lite, which is an application available on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Secure, easy access for practitioners and authorized staff to their PatientClick® EHR.


EHR EASY ENCOUNTER NOTES - With PatientClick® EHR, therapists can create reports or letters using Dragon Medical™ transcription, or with handwriting recognition, or by keyboard entry ... and without having to perform any additional steps, have that text flow directly into the appropriate corresponding fields in the patient’s record, automatically in one pass! Transcription services are also available.

eRx (ePrescription) - PatientClick® eRx allows providers to fill prescriptions electronically, eliminating the risk of incorrectly filled prescriptions due to handwritten errors, increasing patient safety. Drug interaction checking is done at time of prescribing to eliminate adverse medication events utilizing drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy and drug-to-food checking.

SPECIFIC TEMPLATES - Initial consultation, SOAP notes, Progress Notes meeting state requirements ... we either have them or we quickly create them so they work for you in a way that makes your workflow easier ... not harder!

The provider can quickly invoke “favorites” depending on the patient’s medical condition, process the encounter, store the data, order labs, and transmit prescriptions electronically. PatientClick EHR can handle Behavioral Health-related Evaluation/Management (E/M) to CPT coding, helping to prevent over/under coding.

EHR ON-IMAGE NOTES - Images can be stored on the patient’s record for quick recall with handwriting recognition enabling notations directly onto the images. The handwriting recognition capability can be used to input notes on the patient’s record, and voice dictation is also available, or transcription services.

NO INTERNET LOCATION VISITS: If you have the situation where you are going for visitations at remote sites (like homes or long-term care facilities) that have poor or no internet connection, Providers can load scheduled appointments either on an iPad or a Windows laptop.  Then they will have patient information at the appointment, be able to update, take notes, etc., and when they get back to where there is an internet connection the updated information can sync with the cloud database.

PatientClick® Behavioral Health Features for Management

MACRA/MIPS MEANINGFUL USE - The Meaningful Use Report helps the practice’s eligible professionals obtain their Stimulus Act incentives while they provide quality medical care to your patients. PatientClick® EHR is a comprehensive solution for automating the medical and clinical sides of behavioral health practices.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT - PatientClick® Practice Management solution is ideal for behavioral health practices that are also interested in best-in-class Practice Management for Behavioral Health EDI / Billing / Patient Statements, Scheduling, Reports, A / R, Collections, and Patient Demographics.

  REPORTS AND FORMS (Free custom): Many reports are available and new reports can be requested in the format you want at anytime

  • Existing forms (like patient intake) can be transformed into online forms so you can keep the format you want and capture the information that you need
  • Custom Reporting - Easily run reports to see reports you want on information in your database, even with bar and pie charts on a particular diagnosis, laboratory test results, ICD Codes, provider performance, prescriptions or any other collected information.

PatientClick® Behavioral Health Features for Patients

EHR PATIENT PORTAL - The PatientClick® Patient Portal allows for practices to connect themselves with their patients, and vice versa, securely. The Patient Portal gives patients the ability to do much of their own work themselves, 24/7 using secure HIPAA-compliant internet connectivity.

The PatientClick® Patient Portal allows patients to schedule appointments, review medical or financial data, complete forms and questionnaires online, read patient specific education material, securely exchange messages with the office and more. PatientClick® Patient Portal is a dynamic patient-empowering tool that streamlines the workflow and increases patient self-help capabilities.

PCPortalPC PORTAL (For patients) - a very user-friendly application for your smartphone or tablet, it allows patients to access their information over the web and contact their doctor's offices easily through an application that is available on iOS and Android.





telemedicine screen

PATIENTCLICK® TELEMEDICINE SOLUTION allows provider practices to utilize secured web-based technology to reach out to patients beyond the geographical boundaries of their office location. PatientClick® Telemedicine helps reduce the inconvenience of staff and patient travel; and also enables a higher level of patient care utilizing technology as an enabler. The solution also enables virtual patient monitoring for long term care facilities.

NOTE: Studies have shown tele behavorial health leading to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction

Ways that providers benefit by Telemedicine:

+ Compensation gets a boost - Charging a convenience charge for the televisit is acceptable to most patients for eliminating the problems associated with an office visit (travel, waiting, taking time off work, etc.). Plus, they are more likely to contact you with non-life threatening problems if they have the ability to have a televisit. So you get the visit fee.

+ Much more convenient and better care for patients - 64% of patients expressed interest in telemedicine and 70% said they would prefer receiving a prescription via video visit vs an in-person visit. Bottom line, patients benefit and your practice does too.

+ Convenient for Providers - Replacing follow-up visits with a televisit, saves you and your patients time. Patients really love the travel and wait time for an office visit, right? And if you are visiting facilities or patient's homes, if they are

Using secure audio/video connections with integrated EHR, Telemedicine is a way to improve effective and efficient usage of your skills and time. Click here for more information on PatientClick® Telemedicine.

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